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Who's the next Gamemaker? Not Talon?

Nope, it’s the fabulous Briony!

Talon doesn’t have access to Tumblr anymore .. so I’m not able to keep in touch. 


When are the next Games starting? Are you accepting apps?

I’m taking a break for a little while. We are accepting apps.

I will notify all of you when the next games start, I must talk to my GM  about it.

Victor Interview

Ember walked onto the stage dressed in a stunning deep blue dress. Her skin shimmered with dusted blue glitter and gems, nothing else sparkled compared to the smile on her face. She waved to the crowd and sat in her seat next to Caesar.

“First of all, congratulations to Ember our newest District 4 victor! Tell us Ember how does it feel to be going home a victor?” Caesar asked.

“Thank you, Caesar. It feels great to be going home. My family always said I had a fire inside me, and it never stopped burning. Nothing was going to stop me from going back home to the things I love.”

“We certainly saw that fire, especially with that alliance member, Clodagh. That was quite a little spat you had, entertaining though. Tell us what exactly happened between the two of you?” Caesar inquired.

“I hardly have time to play nice, not then especially. My alliance members didn’t let me have my way, especially when it came to my kills. Torture is an art few understand.” Ember smirked, and pushed back her curled red hair.

“Torture, well that’s certainly entertaining. As I know it that got you released from training earlier this year.” Caesar commented.

Ember rolled her eyes, “Yes, it did. It wasn’t generally approved that I thought torture was a valuable way to beat an opponent. I wasn’t released, Caesar. I quit. I don’t like being told no. So I quit, and it must have been the best choice, now I’m a victor by my own means.” She smiled.

“Certainly that was the best move.” Caesar replied, “Now Ember, who are you looking forward to seeing when you arrive home?”

Ember lit up, “My parents of course and my two big brothers, without them I’d never have the support I needed to win. Then there’s my boyfriend, he pushed me to leave training. He said my fire couldn’t be suppressed. They wanted to put out my flames, leaving was the spark I needed to come alive. I’ve missed them all dearly, they were the ones I fought for.” She beamed. “All the bloodshed, and the horrors were worth it come back to them a Victor.”

Caesar smiled, “Family and Love. Those are great things to return home to. I can say we are all certainly glad you didn’t let the fire die or else we might have had a different Victor.”

“That could be, Caesar. I wasn’t ever going to let go of my fire. Not then, not now and not ever.”

“Well, Ember, I on behalf of all of Panem, wish you the best of luck on your journey home. You’ve done what few can, and now bask in the glory and the life ahead of you. Ladies and Gentleman, Ember Vance, District 4’s victor of the 21st Annual Panem Games!”

Ember smiled and walked off stage, her fire and her smile burning brightly.

Victor task

Submit your interview anytime you can, congrats to you. :3

You know the drill. ;p

Justice, you are a fantastic Gamemaker. Just because it takes some time to post because of school, that is perfectly understandable. I still really don't know how I made it to the Final Battle, but congratulations Anne! You deserved it :) ~Clodagh
The Final Battle

I apologize it was so short. I was just very pressed for time. 

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these games are such a joke stop writing 1. with horrible grammar 2. and then proceeding to nag people about how in your opinion their submission sucked when you know you couldnt do better then them if u were playing

I’d like to see you try and do this.

there's that good ol' tomorrow we're used to seeing!


But really I’m writing it now.